26 October, 2010

Cisco certification tips: Select the information is very important

Successful experience for us, no doubt is very important because they not only know a successful way, and have experienced failures, to know which road is a dead end, the experience of newcomers who have a good reference value . Has passed CCNA friends, are very willing to put out their own ideas to share with you. Square melon collected some ideas and organize them, hoping to prepare CCNA exam help a friend.
Successful one: examination questions is not difficult, the main point is to get to know the knowledge, know you will feel after the exam easily. Select information on the test's success is very important, if you attend the training, probably not a problem, if self-taught, becomes critical. Need cisco press of official information, you need extensive collection, to understand the CISCO exam covers was quite extensive. Method of learning the process of learning to pay attention to more important is the need perseverance, if relevant work experience may be easier to learn, otherwise, you need to do more work. Exam to test your learning, is the most critical. You need to adjust their status. Be confident in the exam, not the last question, never give up. Examination will certainly encounter unfamiliar, or simply not have been in contact, do not stress. Because you do not want to test out of it is important that you know every good test subject, if he knew of the problem because the effect as wrong, wrong, do not know, the consequences had not made the advance. The exam simulation questions, in full grasp of the basics of the certification exam, the simulation problem can only review a random way to the point of all knowledge.
Successful 2: CISCO materials is the best most authoritative. CISCO exam materials to prevail. The book must take a closer look, should not be left to chance. Concept should be clear, 'remain the same'! Title and then blame will not deviate from the principle. CISCO original book to see if the networks do not look good based on the Chinese version of the book. cisco option out easily makes every vague and uncertain, if not a very clear example of the concept of some of the details, then looked at his options, it is easy to say that each is truth, not easily choice. Therefore, one must be prepared on the key concepts and teaching materials that give details of full attention, in the alternative is to have confidence in its own memory, not arbitrarily change their first choice. The other focus is ios operation command will list to let you choose, remember that some habitual ios command syntax and parameters in general easier to choose the order. last point is the examination can not turn back, that is, after the end of a question can not go back and read, they must be read questions and see questions, the characteristics of the concept of title is his description of the scene is not the crux of the issue, focusing on issues of substance test center, he will not tell you in clear language to rely on the concept, but Gu concerned about him, however, to select the correct answer would see it is actually designed a key concept. The test of time is very ample, 105 minutes 65 questions, generally 40-50 minutes to complete, but then again, carefully carefully carefully.
Successful 3: ... ... then think about it, the whole review process, mainly three things. 1, Sybex CCNA 2.0 640-507 Study Guide, is definitely a good thing, and requires careful reading, especially to understand the basic concepts of them. After each chapter the Hands on Labs must be hands-on, familiar with its results. 2, CCNA Cisco proprietary operating systems called for IOS (Internetworking Operating System) have a more in-depth knowledge of and understanding. A Router Simulator (simulator) is essential. Good Router Simulator lot, such as Sybex authorized electronics industry publishing house "CCNA Virtual Lab," is very good, a virtual simulation environment (both 2600 Road oil cooler and a 1900 switch), configure the router and access to exchange of practical experience. 3, Boston's exercises, 3 sets of CCNA exam finished the questions, probably more than 600 Road Bar, is the concept of multi-issue, but the subject and practical examinations are met, learned a lot. The key is to Sybex out that the back of the CCNA Study Guide was seven times the title has also repeatedly done three times (a total of more than 500 questions like it!)
Successful 4: The following books are good these references, we can get to see: one for the Cisco Press (Cisco Press) Cisco CCNA Exam # 640-507 Certification Guide author Wendell Odom. Another one is SYBEX books published by exam CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate Study Guide. three other mechanical industrial Press CCNA study guide, Cisco and IP search Address, Cisco IOS IP Technology Guide. The router Well I think I like RouterSim2.0 very suitable for CCNA's. BOSON exam simulator or the best, Boson Router Test3.38

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